Personal Trainer


"I would definitely give my best recommendations of Kristin for those who are considering using the expertise of a personal trainer. I had always been trying to train with different exercises, but did not have the motivation and intensity enough to be in the way I wanted. And with back problems it was difficult to know how to train properly. Kristin grabbed this in a thorough, professional and courteous way. After only 10 hours of sweat and intense resistance training, I have reached my goals. My back is finally better, my self-confidence is better and I'm super motivated to keep on training. I will definitely use Kristin's expertise in the nearest future."

Ailin Steffensen

"I have been thinking for a very long time to contract a personal trainer, but it never happened. Therefore, I was truly happy when I found Kristin during my vacation in Altea-summer 2013. I am very pleased with our workout. Kristin is extremely knowledgeable and motivating and always proposes alternative solutions. She kept to my expectations and also helped me push myself out of my comfort zone, which I really needed. I got a 4 week training program and I continued with the training back in Sweden. I can heartily recommend contracting Kristin as your personal trainer!"

Emma (40 years)


"I have been training seriously for about two years, after losing some weight (8kilos) by changing my lifestyle, diet and hard exercise. I also use the synergyproduct which together with correct training gives faster results. I achieved one step and I started with step 2, adding some serious muscle training! My dream body, with every muscle showing, but no matter how hard I trained I did not get much of a result. So I decided to turn to Kristin although she leaves in Spain and I in Sweden she showed me all different exercises for the different muscles (skype) and helped me to structure an exercise schedule and diet. In already a month I could see the amazing result as you can se on the pictures and that is just my abs! My body transformed so much just in 1 month and I know that in 5 month more I'll have the body I have been dreaming for over the last years! Thanks to Kristin I'm done walking in circles!"

"I started training with Kristin because I found little effect and inspiration in the classes at the gym and it was hard to work out properly on my own! The goal was to get stronger and in better shape - in the long run to lose a few pounds. The first part is in place - the other we are still working with.I have been injured for a period already before starting training with Kristin - but that has not stopped the training! Kristin has always a way to work out - believe me! No excuses! Varied exercises and fun communication has been important to me - definitely worth the money and hard work, and I'll definitive will continue training with her."

Inger (47 years)

"I have for many years tried to get started with a variety of training methods, but after a while I gave up when I did not see any improvement or results. Since I have a back that is worn out I need to do something that helps me to survive in every day life. When I was on vacation in Spain I took PT hours with Kristin and she showed me the different methods and above all, she explained everything in a way that made me understand how to do correctly all the exercises! Just in two weeks I noticed a change in my body! Now that I've gone home, she sent me a 4 week training program which is suitable for me and my ability to train! Kristin can be highly recommended as PT, and for her knowledge, but also for her creative ability to help us not making excuses for training."

Elin (37 years)

"I started my training the 10th of January 2013. 1. I started with a review of my physical health and what was possible to implement of different exercises and a review of the goals I had. 2. Four times, one hour each time. Kristin taught me different exercises and after the fourth session I received a written training program. We also went through the importance of diet and what might be appropriate for me to eat and how many times per week I should work out following the training program.This program, I followed closely for eight weeks and then I had a follow up with Kristin and got a new program.I worked another eight weeks with the same intensity as the first 8 weeks.Here we are in the summer, and the result is 6 kilos less, stronger muscles in the back and abs(core) which means that my back problems are gone.I have got an incredible energy and finally I'm able to perform other activities such as swimming and cycling which I couldn't do before.I will continue as before and I'm doing amazingly well and my physical health is at its best ever.The two training programs vary every time and it inspired me to keep on training.Kristin is a tough and demanding PT but also very supportive, motivating, and knowledgeable and I can only say that I hadn't been where I am today without her.I can therefore recommend her with a very good conscience.If you want to hire a good personal trainer, Kristin is the one!"

Lismari (62 years)

"It is great to work with Kristin, she has a lot of knowledge about training and has managed to push me much further than I could myself, besides, she has a contagious mood and is good at motivating. I have not only got a tighter body, but I've a higher level of energy for the rest of the day. Besides, I have improved my posture considerably, which not only looks MUCH better, it has also improved the powerful headaches I've been struggling with! I would highly recommend Kristin as your"

Marte (32 years)

"I'm the type of person that hates to exercise and terrified of fitness centers with equipment and people who know what they are doing. Yet I have seen over time that my physical attitude has been poor, and that life requires more muscle and stamina than I have. Therefore, I wanted me hours of PT for Christmas, with the objective that I should find my own motivation, and become familiar with forms of exercise that I enjoyed.It was a new experience to know that I looked forward to every workout with Kristin! She has shown me a lot of exercises that do not include the gym, but other options like training outside with only your own body weight. It helps a lot for motivation that you can see and feel rapidly some progress, and this has meant that I now train once a week with Kristin. It is one time more than before, and a realistic goal for me. I really look forward to every boot camp and feel great afterwards!I highly recommend Kristin to anyone with some motivation deep inside to get started, and you run the risk that you really would like it!!"


"Solveig, 28 years, traveling back to Norway after one year in Alfaz del Pi.Training with a personal trainer has given me better results - I've reached my goal!I started training with PT Kristin in February 2013 - my goal was weight loss and improved fitness, endurance and strength. I also have a slipped disc in my back and Kristin have customized workout for my needs and I notice a great improvement in my back pains (in combination with treatment by a chiropractor).I have trained with Pt 2 - 3 times a week - in addition to this Kristin has created an extra training program for me. The training has been varied - indoor fitness center, outdoor in the park and on the beach with simple but effective tools. I have varied between exercising with a friend (group time with pt) and alone with pt. This is a combination that I can recommend - it is inspiring with a training partner!Pt Kristin gets me to achieve more, - when I think I can not do more, she motivates me to provide maximum and the days that the couch yells at me, she gets me to train! She is knowledgeable and taught me a lot of exercise and diet so that I can continue on my own - with training especially made for my needs and without fear of injury.I recommended training with pt Kristin also to satisfied friends and colleagues - and I can confidently recommend it to you!"

Solveig (28 years)

"My name is Susanna and I'm 41 years old. I have been training for many years before and used to be in a good shape. I haven't been training for the last few years and when I now started up training again I couldn't even run for 1 min. I've had Kristin as my personal trainer for 2 months now and that has helped a lot. She is a very good motivator and always push me to train harder and more efficient than I normally would do. We also have fun and a good time when we train even if it's hard training. I have also been using some very good products from Synergy that also has helped me a lot to recover fast afterwards. The training is obviously working too since I can see the changes in my body. And so can others... I have really become in shape now thanks to Kristin."

Susana (41 years)

"After several years of not doing anything (only going for strolls), I started in April this year with Kristin.This period lasted for about 4 weeks, and beside that I did walking for at least 20 minutes every day.It began with a review of my ability and physical health and a thorough review of the exercises that I should follow.It was a pretty tough program (for me), but soon I noticed the results. It was amazing, considering overweight and Artritis in several joints and total hip arthroplasty in the right hand and left knee.One big advantage is that several of the exercises can be done at home or outside. So you don't necessary have to go to the gym. That was important to me.First four sessions was training with Kristin. It was really motivating and a perfect way to get started. I got a great dose of inspiration and the result came rapidly.Beside the training program, we together wrote down my goals. Goals are supposed to be achievable and realistic.My goals: Weight loss, increased mobility in the joints, increase muscle mass and to get in a better shape.I also was well informed of the importance of a diet.Now it all comes down to me, my intentions are serious and I'm going to keep on fighting for my goals, even though it does not always go as I want ... But I have the tools and the inspiration now and of course my Personal trainer Kristin when I need her.I have tried all sort of different training and diets etc. without great results. This concept I strongly believe in and can really recommend others to try."

Rune (60 years)

"I wanted to give myself a nice birthday present, so I did: 10 sessions with a personal trainer. It was a little bit tough to get started for someone who has not trained since school (30 years ago), but definitely worth it. The training was mostly fun. You are incredibly good at motivating and helping me to stay focused on the goals I have set for myself. There had not been any training without contracting you as my personal trainer. Now I continue on my own. If I notice that I will struggle too much, I'll book you again for training. And finally, a disadvantage of getting a little tighter: The skin under my arm do not hide the hair as well as they did before, so shaving must be done more often, but this is really just a fun problem."

Bente (47 years)